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Generator Rentals

Generator Rentals provided by Rental Power is one of Australia’s leading Generator Hire companies for good reason: For over 15 years, we have specialised in industrial generators. At Rental Power Generator Rentals our factory-trained professionals provide installation, maintenance, support, and service 24/7. Our fleet is well-maintained and no generator is more than 2 years old; you get exactly what you need for residential, commercial, and heavy-duty applications including distribution boards, fuel tanks, and accessories.

Portable, single, and 3-phase; skid- or trailer-mounted generator hire. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.

Generator Rentals & Accessories

Generator Rentals


Portable, Single and 3 Phase, Skid or Trailer mounted. Immediate delivery.

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Distribution Boards - Generator Rentals

Distribution Boards

32A 3PH and 63A 3PH. RCD and MCB protected.

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Fuel Tanks - Generator Rentals

Fuel Tanks

2500 – 4500 bunded fuel tanks. Complies with AS1940 & As1692.

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Generator Accessories - Generator Rentals


20A 3PH 15-25m Leads. Cable Covers and more.

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Generator Rentals

We are Australia’s knowledgeable and experienced generator rentals company because we specialise in one area only: industrial generator rentals for commercial, residential, and heavy-duty power. Our in-stock diesel generator rentals are ready for delivery when you need immediate emergency response; applications range from 13 kVA to 1250 kVA with single- and 3-phase operation.

Fast, Efficient Power Solutions

Generator rentals are an economical solution to immediate situations that require a prime or standby Genset. For other applications, you can save on storage and maintenance with rental generators. Because our fleet is well-maintained and no generator is more than 2 years old, you can trust each unit’s performance to be problem-free and efficient.

2500-4500-6000 litre bunded fuel tanks. Comply with AS1940 & AS1692 standards.

Fuel Tanks

You can have onsite fuel tanks and refuelling service for your generator rentals, so you’re never caught short. Fuel tank hires can be long- and short-term as needed.

Bunded Tanks Meet Health & Safety Regulations

When storing hazardous materials, every precaution should be taken. That’s why our fuel tanks are “bunded” with an additional, protective retaining wall. This is better for our environment as well because it reduces potentially pollutant spillage. Additional safety features include:

  • Alert system
  • Lockable fill point
  • Overfill protection device
  • Secure fuel inspection hatch
  • Tank gauge
  • 32A 3PH and 63A 3PH, RCD- and MCB-protected

Distribution Boards

Our 32A and 63A (3PH) distribution boards are RCD- and MCB-protected for technician safety. They are available for short-term and long-term hire, and options include extension leads to make the connection between the generator and distribution board easy and fast. Features include:

  • 1 x 32A 5 pin switched outlet
  • 1 x 32A main isolator
  • 32A extension leads
  • 6 x 15A auto-switched outlets
  • Includes stand

Reliable, Durable, Safe Distribution Boards

Our distribution boards have cubicle-constructed switchboards which are 2mm sheet metal-framework. Designed and manufactured by reputable industrial power equipment companies, you can depend on their reputation for reliability and durability. Modular internal assemblies allow for more flexibility without compromising strength.

Each distribution board’s cubicle compartment is protected by lockable doors (also 2mm sheet metal) with double-returned edges and neoprene gaskets. MCCB/fuse switch cubicles have doors with interlocked rotary handles, only lockable in the “off” position for safety. Busbar chambers and cable pathways have bolt-on covers.

Distribution boards are tested onsite and your technicians are trained during drop-off.


20-63A 3PH, 15-25m leads. Power lead/cable covers and more.

How to Choose Your Power Lead

Rental Power professionals will ensure your power leads and other accessories are matched to your generator size. If you’re trying to decide which cable you need, select the power lead that matches your generator’s most powerful outlet.

Lead/Cable Covers for All Applications

No matter if your project is need of indoor generator rentals or outdoor generator rentals, when leads or cords cross any surface that has pedestrian or vehicle traffic, it’s just good safety sense to use lead covers. This will also protect your investment – replacing these leads can get expensive.

Rental Power Keeps You Going

Rental Power professionals have the experience to help you anticipate the kind of equipment and accessories you need for your project. We know how situations change, and that’s why we work for you and with you to complete every phase of your application quickly and efficiently. When you need long-term reliability generator rentals, we are among the best for equipment, service, and support. When you’ve got surprises. we’ve got solutions. Call 1300 767 257 or contact us today.

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