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Fuel Tanks

You can have onsite fuel tanks and refuelling service for your Rental Power generators, so you’re never caught short. Fuel tank hire can be long- and short-term as needed. 2500-4500 bunded fuel tanks. Comply with AS1940 & AS1692 standards.


Bunded Fuel Tanks Meet Health & Safety Regulations

When looking at Fuel Tank Hire you need to store fuel, which is a hazardous material. When storing hazardous materials, every precaution should be taken. That’s why our fuel tanks are “bunded” with an additional, protective retaining wall. This is better for our environment as well because it reduces potentially pollutant spillage. Additional safety features include:

  • Alert system
  • Lockable fill point
  • Overfill protection device
  • Secure fuel inspection hatch
  • Tank gauge
  • Fuel Tank Refueling Service

The reason Rental Power’s reputation for dependable, well-maintained equipment is because we care about the quality of our deliverables. Even while you have an onsite generator hire, we offer onsite maintenance and refueling services. This helps you and helps us maintain and prolong long-life for our rental applications.

Our technicians are trained to understand the necessary safety handling codes for liquid fuels, particularly with regard to mobile fueling. For example, should not occur inside a building. It should be located:

  • 30m of a stream, lake, river, canal, or other natural water sources
  • 3m from any possible source of ignition
  • within 3m of property lines
  • within 4.5m of building doors or openings
  • Benefits of Onsite Fuel Tanks

Refueling offsite uses more time and money than you want to spend on fuel management. Here are some benefits of onsite storage and refueling:

Cost-efficient – When you work with Rental Power, your fuel management can be less of a headache. We will offer better discounts for bulk purchases and can negotiate long-term contracts for even greater savings. We’ll track your fuel use and storage, which will help you predict future expenses.

Theft-deterrent – It’s unfortunate but true that sometimes employees steal from their employer or contractor. Theft is sometimes perpetuated when employees using fuel cards or have fuel allowances, so it’s difficult to catch. With Rental Power’s refueling service, fuel delivery is monitored. You can have total control over who, when, and where fuel is used.

Time-and energy-savings – Onsite fuel tanks are the most efficient way to run a large project. Your workers won’t be spending time driving to and from offsite fuel locations. With Rental Power monitoring, there should not be any surprises or emergencies in which you run low or run out. With onsite refueling, you can bring jobs in on time and within budget.

Compliant with AS19400 and AS1692

We use the Australian Standard® AS1400 for the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids. This is in line with requirements from regulatory agencies including environmental, safety, and emergency services.

Our tanks themselves are in compliance with Australian Standard® AS1692, design and construction of steel containers for flammable and combustible liquids. Compliance with this standard may not be mandatory, but it’s what companies with your best interests should do. And that’s the Power Rental difference!

Controlling expenses is critical to most projects. If you want to know more about fuel management and how we can help, call 1300 767 257  or contact Rental Power today.

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