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Generator Hire

Portable, single, and 3-phase; skid or trailer-mounted inverter generator hire.

Rental Power is Sydney’s generator hire company offering a wide range of robust, well-maintained industrial generators for hire and rental. We are equipped to suit the demand of residential, commercial and heavy-duty applications. Immediate Delivery.

Inverter Generator Rentals

We can supply you with all the necessary equipment for your prime and/or standby Genset to match your power hire or rental requirements or emergencies. With over 15 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your emergency power/industrial generator hire or rental equipment runs efficiently. At all times we carry a large range of in-stock of diesel generators, ranging from 13 kVA up to 1250 kVA, in both single-phase and 3-phase options for hire and immediate delivery. We are Australia’s knowledgeable and experienced inverter generator hire company because we specialise in one area only: industrial inverter generators for commercial, residential, and heavy-duty power.

Fast, Efficient Power Solutions

Generators for hire are economical solutions to immediate situations that require a prime or standby Genset. For other applications, you can save on storage and maintenance with rental generators. Because our fleet is well-maintained and no generator is more than 2 years old, you can trust each unit’s performance to be problem-free and efficient.

Short- to long-term generator hire options available at discounted rate.

Features vary for every generator hire and may include:

  • 24-hour bunded base fuel tank
  • 3-way fuel valves for connection to a supplementary bulk fuel tank
  • Bunded base fuel tank
  • External fuel tanks + fuel hoses available
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Generator-mounted weatherproof outlets: 1 x 32A 3PH, 3 x 15A 1PH & 1 x 63A CEEform outlet
  • Lockable battery isolator
  • Safety signage

Cables & distribution boards available.


  • Coffee vans, food trucks
  • Construction sites
  • Entertainment venues
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Market stalls
  • Portable buildings
  • Residential

Delivery: We have a range of delivery options including:

  • Hiab crane trucks
  • Trailer-mounted tilt trays & generators for fast delivery

Additional Services: At the time of delivery, we provide installation and equipment testing as well as operator training. Our maintenance, refueling, & 24/7 support network offers you peace of mind with every Rental Power hire product.

Power Chart – kVA, kW & Amps

To receive the generator that works best, you need to know the total amperage of electrical equipment you will be powering. The table below will give you an idea of what generator size you may require for your project.

kVAkWMax Amps – 415-3ph at 50Hz


Your Generator Power

Your Rental Power professionals are trained to understand what you now need and what you will need in generator hire applications. If you want to “guesstimate” what size portable generator you need, My Generator Power recommends three steps:

  1. Get the power information for your appliances, both running and starting power (if applicable). Determine the running (continuous) watts and starting (peak) watts needed for each appliance or end-user equipment. This sounds very basic, but it’s the most important factor.
  2. Make sure the power information is represented in Watts. Use the My Generator Power Calculator to convert Amps (A), Kilowatts (kW, kVA), or Horsepower (HP) to Watts (W).
  3. Decide the maximum number of appliances and applications you will be running at the same time.
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