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Generator Sizing

We offer generator sizing for all industries & applications

generator sizingGenerator Sizing is important. Rental Power offers generator sets sets for all industries & applications, from an open air music festival to a fully functional construction site. Generators vary in type depending on the application. We have a range of delivery options including; Hiab crane trucks & tilt trays for fast delivery.The size of the generator required can be quite easily worked out, providing you know the total Amp’s of the electrical products you are wishing to operate.The table below will give you an idea of what generator size you require for your project.

Power Chart – kVA, kW & Amps

kVAkWMax Amps – 415-3ph at 50Hz


Generator Sizing

One of the most frequently searched word strings on the internet are “generator sizing,” so it must be an area of concern for many. Getting a generator that will handle all the power you need is an important decision, whether you are renting or purchasing. If your generator is only a temporary fix – and it’s a generator hire – no worries. But if you need a powerful and reliable backup Genset or a generator that can cover several levels of operation, then sizing matters.

Electrical engineering advancements bring us generators of varying capacity, so it’s easier to choose your best option; you have more from which to choose. A 7.5 kVA portable generator is small but mighty and can handle some heavy-duty applications. You’ll see some of the largest generators powering up huge concert halls and supporting large industrial and commercial projects.

More is Better Than Less

An underpowered generator can get “stressed out” so to speak, and even damage some of the appliances to which it’s connected. There’s no substitute for a trained technician to help you work through the factors for sizing, but it’s good to have some idea of how it’s done. You need to have a working knowledge of electrical characteristics. There are several factors to determine generator sizing.

Know What You Need

Price may be an important factor, but you may not even “get what you paid for” when you cut corners. A generator hire or purchase is an investment, and it can serve to increase productivity and profits or become a weighty expense.

  1. List every application that needs generator power. Include each item’s starting/running wattage. This information should be available in the owner’s manual or on an information plate on the equipment itself.
  2. Get the power information for your appliances, both running (continuous) and starting (peak) power for each application or equipment. This sounds very basic, but it’s the most important factor.
  3. Make sure the power information is represented in Watts. Use a calculator to convert Amps (A), Kilowatts (kW, kVA), or Horsepower (HP) to Watts (W). Wattage = amps x volts (resistive load) Wattage = amps x volts) x load factor (for reactive load)
  4. Calculate the combined power requirements in kVA or kW.

Perhaps not now, but someday you may need your generator to support emergency power failures. Even if your generator hire is for specific applications, in a crisis, can it do more? The right size generator:

  • Meets safety standards
  • Performs more efficiently
  • Saves you money on fuel consumption
  • Will give you reliability and durability for long-term projects

24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service

Rental Power provides 24-hour, 7-day emergency service to assist in any emergency generator breakdown. We ensure rapid response times to our Cummins Onan customers (mobile coffee and food vans, emergency service vehicles and RVs), who expect timely and efficient servicing to keep them on schedule and on the road. Please Call 1300 767 257 or contact us Even better, visit our office in Sydney at 69 – 73 Violet St., Revesby NSW 2212.

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