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Rental Power Generator Hire

Power Generator HireRental Power Generator Hire is one of Australia’s leading Generator Hire companies. Offering a wide range of robust, well maintained Diesel & Petrol Generators for hire.

The professionals at Rental Power asked our customers to share with us what they believed is important in power generator hire service. For the most part, their answers spoke to “quality.” Here are what they indicated they receive from Rental Power:

  • Above-average customer service
  • Equipment brand options
  • Excellent service
  • Fast delivery for faster turnaround
  • Good range of equipment performance
  • Knowledgeable advice from experienced professionals
  • Newer equipment than many other companies offer
  • Pricing that works within their budget
  • Reliable support
  • Well-maintained equipment

Power Generator HireGenerators Are Our Business

Other companies offer power generator hire and other equipment for small to large construction projects. Rental Power specialises in diesel and petrol power generator hire. We are knowledgeable about generators and industries that use rental generators.

Agriculture, Construction, and Industrial Applications. Rental Power generators can keep Australia competitive in a global agriculture market and construction applications where power, technology, or time is critical. We can give you what you need when you need it. No more, and certainly no less.

Power Emergencies. Backup generators can save the day (and vast stores of frozen foods). You can get back to business quickly with our 24/7 response.

Events – Concert stages and large-capacity venues often need a power boost.

Power Generator HireWhy Rental Power?

Industry knowledge: Factory-trained Rental Power professionals know where and how power generator hire is needed. That’s why we are one of the country’s leading generator hire companies. We offer our customers:

  • 24/7 support
  • Equipment testing
  • Factory-trained power generator hire technicians
  • Installation
  • Large range of generators, load banks, power distribution/bunded fuel tanks in-stock
  • Refueling service
  • Timely delivery
  • Up-to-date technology

Our equipment is retained for a maximum of 2 years. So our customers have confidence our generators can give them maximum performance with the best possible fuel efficiency. The world’s best generator manufacturers trust Rental Power to ensure their brands are serviced and supported by trained, knowledgeable, experienced technicians. You can trust Rental Power, too.

20 Reasons You Should Choose Rental Power

Sometimes a quick fix can cost you more and still not fix your problem. We strive to help you solve problems and meet your goals without breaking your budget:

  1. You’re saving money with a rental power generator hire, so you can bid competitively on more jobs.
  2. It is often cheaper to rent than buy.
  3. Our generators require less maintenance; that means shorter downtime.
  4. Our technicians are factory-trained.
  5. Rental Power generator hire gives you the freedom to do seasonal or specialised work.
  6. Refuelling services are available with rental generators.
  7. Renting allows your organization to respond quickly to client emergencies.
  8. We don’t keep generators more than 2 years.
  9. We have onsite, field support and service when you need it.
  10. We provide installation services.
  11. We have maintenance technicians.
  12. When demand exceeds supply, you have a plan B with power generator hire services.
  13. When the work is finished, simply return the generator. You won’t have equipment sitting idle.
  14. You can deliver your projects to clients on-time because you set the rental timeframe.
  15. You can respond to disasters (fire, cyclone, earthquake, power outages, etc.) quickly with a power generator hire.
  16. You don’t have to predict what you will need because you get what you need when you need it. Annual or bi-annual “upgrades” are less expensive, too.
  17. Insurance & damage waiver available on request.
  18. You get the latest technology in high-performance generators.
  19. You have the flexibility to choose the right-size equipment for any size job.
  20. You save on generator transportation and storage costs.

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