Last year, you and the family were eager about your summer’s getaway cottage in Rose Bay! Halfway through the holiday, the power went out. “There was a time when this was merely irritating,” says Cottage Life, “You lit a few oil lanterns and carried on… But now, as more cottagers rely on electric-powered water and septic pumps, a power outage spells trouble.”

And what about the year-round Xbox® addicts in the family?

Power Outage ‘Insurance:’ Generator Hire

A backup generator is a perfect solution to power outages, and you could have hired one for last year’s cottage getaway. These days, diesel generators are fuel-efficient and affordable. As you plan this year’s holiday, be sure to consider “the power factor:”

Appliances like HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) units use a lot of power, so you need a bigger generator. Smaller appliances – especially those with moving parts, like fans and water pumps – use a great deal of startup power but use less energy once they are up and running. One easy method to estimate residential power needs is to calculate the wattage needed to operate and multiply by 3 to cover startup energy use. -Rental Power Sydney

Power outages (“blackouts”) can happen anywhere and anytime. A generator hire can – literally – save the day.

Crowd-Pleasers: Outdoor Summer Events

Many of us plan annual large special events for summer; perhaps a backyard barbecue. It’s also a great time for outdoor weddings. You’ll want the dependability of a larger, inverter generator hire rather than the small one stored in your garage. You will need generator power for:

  • Coffeemakers
  • Dance floor lighting
  • Direct lighting
  • Food warmers
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Sound/stage equipment

In addition to hiring a generator to power-up the lights and other necessities for your summer event, you might want to consider a portable HVAC system. Even under a tent, you can use air conditioning for the heat and heat to take the chill off the night air.

Generators and Camping

“Give me sun. Give me sand. Give me surf. Give me watermelon pips, white-bread sandwiches and silver long toms strung from hand-held fishing lines. Give me balmy summer nights under a canvas canopy. Give me mosquito coils, guy ropes, ­sleeping bags and the distant sound of someone snoring,” says Australian Geographic.

Camping is what we do! Generators are allowed in most national parks, but always check the rules for usage. Some of the ways your camping generator will be handy include:

  • Charging electronic devices
  • Creating outdoor lighting
  • Making luxury drinks; frozen margaritas, smoothies, etc.
  • Powering guitar amplifiers
  • Starting a dead caravan or truck battery
  • Using luxury appliances: toasters, blenders, electric fry pans/woks, etc.

When You Need Power, We’re Here!

Rental Power’s office in Sydney is located at 69 – 73 Violet St., Revesby NSW 2212. We have electrical power and inverter generators for residential and commercial hire. To save time, make a list of all items that must be generator-powered for your summer event or holiday, and we’ll do the rest!

Call 1300 767 257 or send an enquiry. We also provide 24/7 service and installation for whole-house emergencies.