There are many adages you should keep in mind when planning your next outdoor event. The two that will serve you best are “Plan for the worst; hope for the best,” and “Anything that can go wrong will.”

What Do You Need for a Successful Outdoor Event?

An outdoor event without a tent or suitable shelter is an invitation to disaster. The national average for annual rainfall in 2020 was 4% above average in Australia at 483.4 mm. It might rain on your parade, so consider tent hire. Your backyard may accommodate 80 guests, but it could get quite crowded in your lounge room.

Important equipment and other installations you will need for a successful outdoor event include:

  • Bar – The bar should be located as far from the entrance as possible.
  • Bathrooms/hand-washing stations – One or 2 portable restrooms will lower your indoor/outdoor traffic.
  • Comfortable seating – Plan seating very carefully. For example, don’t put your elderly guests near the DJ or sound speakers. If you’re not planning a sit-down event, provide enough chairs for 60-85% of your guests.
  • Cooling/heating – Days can be uncomfortably warm and evenings can get chilly. You may want to consider hiring a portable HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) unit.
  • Dance floor – Not only for dancing, portable flooring can provide better footing, protect your lawn, and serve as a base for carpeting.
  • Entertainment and sound equipment – Microphone(s), guitar amps and your PA (public address) system should be properly powered.
  • Lighting – Set the mood you want with indirect lighting, colored/flashing party lights, or gobo (GOes before optics) for specialty logo or message lighting.
  • Refrigeration – Foods should be kept at proper temperature until ready for use. Rather than small coolers or ice boxes, consider hiring a portable refrigeration unit.

Outdoor Event Electrical Considerations

A power failure can dampen spirits faster than rainfall! Portable generators should be able to accommodate your maximum energy usage for the equipment and hours needed. Generators should also have documentation of electrical safety and a safety fence should be installed around generator working parts.

  • All wiring for your outdoor event should be installed by a licensed electrician, completed and tested before the event.
  • Consider the location of overhead power lines, buried cables, and main isolators controlling generator-powered equipment before positioning your outdoor stage, generator, lights, and tent.
  • External lines should be used and safely positioned to protect the cables and your guests.
  • For larger events, include power supplies for portable tools, catering, first aid stations, the control room, and emergency exit lights.
  • Safety criteria should meet Australian wiring standards.
  • The electrical supply should be protected by a proper earth-fault RCB (residual circuit breaker).

Rental Power for Your Next Outdoor Event

Our electrical power and inverter generator professionals can help with the amount of generator energy you need. We’ll ask you to make a list of all items that must be generator-powered, then check the wattage requirements for every appliance and add the kWs or kVAs.

Rental Power can ensure you have the perfect size generator to keep your outdoor event powered up. To learn more about generator hire for homes or worksites, call 1300 767 257 or send us an enquiry. We welcome visitors! Stop by our office in Sydney, 69 – 73 Violet St., Revesby NSW 2212.